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Southern Resident Killer Whale Population


The population of Southern Resident Killer Whales, an iconic species for the region, have fluctuated in recent years, but remain far below their historic abundance. View graphic »

What Is An Energy Concierge?

Person installing insulation

Home and business owners looking to make energy efficiency upgrades are often confronted with a jungle of red tape; coordinating between banks, auditors, contractors, and utilities is daunting. An energy concierge program simplifies the process, giving building owners a single point of contact to complete their energy retrofits. Read more »

Pollution in Human Bodies

Persistent toxics are present in all Cascadian residents.


Evidence from many sources—including an analysis of Cascadians’ breastmilk—shows that residents of the Pacific Northwest carry a thin soup of synthetic toxic chemicals in their bodies. Many of these compounds simply did not exist, or were present in only the most minute quantities, before the 20th century. But determining whether the concentrations of such chemical “body burdens” are rising or falling would require a comprehensive, long-term system of testing Cascadia’s human residents for the presence of toxic chemicals. At present, no such program exists. Read more »

Happy 15th Birthday, Sightline

9 Big Ideas Over 15 Years

Birthday candles

Sightline’s greatest achievements over 15 years. Read more »

Policy Analysis: Bulk Discounts for Polluters

According to a new analysis by Seattle-based Sightline Institute, one of Washington State‚Äôs few fees designed to discourage toxic pollution is undermined because it gives bulk discounts to the state’s biggest polluters. Read more »

Cascadia Scorecard 2007

Seven Key Trends Shaping the Northwest

CS07 cover

The 2007 Cascadia Scorecard–Sightline’s regional gauge of progress for the Pacific Northwest–identifies some real victories in the Northwest, but reveals that we still struggle when it comes to energy efficiency, economic security, and curbing sprawl. Despite our reputation for a good quality of life, the Northwest comes up short when we measure what really matters. Read more »

The Facts on I-933, Measure 37, and You

What voters in 6 western states should know about property initiatives on the 2006 ballot. Read more »

Puget Sound Orca Populations, by Pod


As a result of strict protection measures in the 1970s, killer whale numbers began to increase until the 1990s. Over the next few years, the population tailed alarmingly downward, mainly in the large L pod. Luckily, since 2000, their numbers have begun to climb once more. View graphic »

Grizzly Bear: Current and Historic Range (animated)


Grizzlies once roamed throughout western North America, but their range has diminished substantially. View graphic »

Grouse: Current and Historic Range (animated)


Sage-grouse numbers have plummeted with the destruction of the bird’s natural habitat, particularly in Washington. View graphic »