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WA Extracted Fuel Tax Loophole

For nearly six decades, Washington State has given away hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue through an “accidental” loophole with no clear public policy objective. Giving away millions to the state’s oil industry every year is hard to understand. At a time when the state is facing budget shortfalls and is trying to cut emissions, subsidizing Big Oil simply doesn’t add up. It’s for the legislature to decide whether we’ll close this loophole to help shore up the state budget or continue this hidden handout to oil companies. Read the factsheet here:

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Carbon Tax

A carbon tax would levy a charge on the CO2 emissions from fossil fuels purchased for combustion in the state, as well as on the carbon content of electricity imported from other states. In Washington, a carbon tax of $30 per ton of CO2 would net an estimated $2.3 billion each year. The proceeds could be used to reduce taxes on families and businesses, or to provide funding for transportation, clean energy technology, or public education. Read more »

Coal Export FAQ

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Answers to some common questions about economics, health, and pollution with regard to coal exports in the Northwest, including: why care about coal exports and are coal terminals good neighbors? Read more »

Happy 15th Birthday, Sightline

9 Big Ideas Over 15 Years

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Sightline’s greatest achievements over 15 years. Read more »

Why Walk? The Benefits of Walkable Neighborhoods

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A growing body of research shows that walkable, compact communities can promote good health and a healthier planet by promoting exercise and reducing the risk of obesity; lowering car crash fatalities; reducing greenhouse gas emissions and vehicle-related air pollution; and cutting down gasoline bills and oil imports. Read more »

Spending on Imported Fossil Fuels in 2008

What northwesterners spent to import fossil fuels in 2008. Read more »

Cap and Trade for the West: FAQs

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National and regional leaders in Canada and the United States are recommending cap and trade as a feasible, effective solution for curbing climate change. Sightline has worked closely with policymakers from the Western Climate Initiative (WCI) to design a cap-and-trade system for our region. This FAQ answers some common questions about the system. Read more »

Climate Pricing Fact Sheet

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A fact sheet on cap and trade, carbon taxes, and other exciting ways to slash our greenhouse gas emissions. Read more »

United States of Climate Change – Population Tables

The 2003 population of the US—less than 300 million—has the same climate impact as the more than 1.5 billion people represented by the other countries listed on the climate-change maps that Sightline has developed. Below is the full population breakdown for the 50 states map. See the stats for the map with grouped states below. Number of people in millions, 2003. United States 290.8 Countries on map 1,527.0 Alabama 4.5 Malaysia 23.1 Alaska 0.6 Serbia 10.8 Arizona 5.6 Nigeria 122.8 Arkansas 2.7 Portugal 10.5 California 35.5 Mexico 103.7 Colorado 4.5 Cuba + Columbia 52.9 Connecticut 3.5 New Zealand 4.0 Delaware … Read more »

What’s Walkable?

Research and ideas on walkable neighborhoods

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A collection of research and solutions–including–for creating walkable communities and why it’s important. Read more »