The way we design our cities and towns, as well as the modes of transport we use to move through them, can either help or hinder residents’ ability to reduce their carbon footprints. Whether that means unleashing innovative affordable housing solutions, prioritizing spaces for people over spaces for cars and parking, or shifting our transportation thinking away from boondoggle megaprojects, we can shape our communities to fulfill a more sustainable future.

Series in Land Use & Transportation

  • Legalizing Inexpensive Housing

    How updating a few musty housing laws can promote the smart, affordable housing options we need across fast-growing Northwest towns and cities.
  • Dude, Where Are My Cars?

    Throughout the Northwest, transportation planners predict traffic volumes will grow and grow. But over the past decade, actual traffic trends have bucked predictions.
  • Family-Friendly Cities

    If kids are the "indicator species" of healthy cities, then planning our towns with families in mind—from housing to street safety and more—would serve all urban residents well.
  • Parking? Lots!

    How obscure parking rules have misshaped our communities and opportunities for better options.
  • Stormwater Solutions: Curbing Toxic Runoff

    Toxic stormwater is a daunting challenge. But the good news is we already know the solution.

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