Old timers jest that the state of Idaho is actually named after Idaho Power, the ultra-influential utility that furnishes most residents of the Gem State their electricity.

So it’s welcome news that Idaho Power-among the most old-guard of all Northwest utilities in what is arguably the most conservative part of Cascadia-has recognized the economic advantages of the clean-energy revolution. The company’s latest proposal to the state utility commission is packed full of plans for major investments in energy efficiency and renewable power, including both wind and geothermal. ConWEB reports hereand here.

These proposals would begin to align Idaho Power with the Fifth Plan of the Northwest Power and Conservation Council, which we’ve praised. The Fifth Plan is no longer a draft; it was formally adopted earlier this month.

Idaho stands to gain much from clean energy. It uses more energy per capita than any other Cascadian state, as we documented here in the Cascadia Scorecard’s energy indicator.