The Seattle Times ran a front-page Sunday article on the scientific consensus behind manmade climate change—probably one of the better summaries of the central issues written for lay readers. Here’s my favorite paragraph:

As one study after another has pointed to carbon dioxide and other man-made emissions as the most plausible explanation, the cautious community of science has embraced an idea initially dismissed as far-fetched. The result is a convergence of opinion rarely seen in a profession where attacking each other’s work is part of the process. Every major scientific body to examine the evidence has come to the same conclusion: The planet is getting hotter; man is to blame; and it’s going to get worse.

Plus, four short corollary articles clarify the debates about those prickly rejoinders you may have heard skeptics employ: the sun’s effect, the "hocky stick" graph, the urban heat-island effect, and complicated satellite readings.

Read the articles here.