FSC logoGood day from your Tidepool news editor.

In today’s edition: The papers mark the occasion of Earth Day with a number of stories exploring the angles of climate change and energy consumption. For today’s top Tidepool story, New York Times science reporter Andrew Revkin unpacks the media’s sudden acknowledgement of climate change in one handy article. (Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal’s editors snipe at environmentalists’ ongoing alarm-bells.) Closer to home, President Bush spent his Earth Day in California biking Napa Valley and repeating his endorsement of hydrogen cars as the answer to our energy addictions.

On Tidepool’s front page today, I recommend a big-picture commentary from The Tyee by Vancouver Islander Matt Price, one of BC’s most strategic environmental thinkers (and do-ers), in my opinion. His assessment of environmental politics in Canada should provoke conversation on both sides of the border.

And lastly, a few stories in Tidepool’s economy section speak to the greening of major retailers. This hit home for me this weekend. Working for a nonprofit, as you may empathize, I’m on a tight budget. But I really could use a table and chair for my deck to enjoy the summer sun (well, perhaps, the dawn, as I put together the day’s Tidepool at 5AM). To my amazement, I discovered a certain big-box, discount store offers patio furniture called “Tofino.” You guessed it: Made over at Clayoquot Sound and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council–and cheap to boot! I’m not offering free advertising. So if you want my bargain tip, email me—and tell me what you think of Tidepool while you’re at it. –Kristin, editor@tidepool.org