You know Washington CEO, right? That free business mag lying around the office? Pretty boosterish, with end of the year lists?

Well, it turns out they have a blog and it’s, uh, really good. Check out these two posts by senior writer Aaron Corvin: here and here. This is thoughtful, nuanced writing about Sightline-ish stuff like land use, transportation, and climate change. (Lots of business coverage too, obviously.)

To me, it’s further proof that there’s a sea change happening about climate protection. In 2002, I co-authored an article (pdf) for Washington CEO; it was about the projected economic impacts of climate change on the state. After the piece ran, the editor told me they had never received more negative mail from any article.


It soothed my bruised ego only a little that the published letters in response were gimcrack denials that global warming was happening, not substantive objections to the article’s content, which was pretty straightlaced and science-based.

But nowadays, the magazine is doing credit to itself by hosting well-reasoned discussions about the links between the economy, climate emissions, energy prices, transportation planning, and smart growth. More like this please.