clark in a spray skirtThe New York Times ran a story today about electricity-generating stationary bikes at a Portland gym, featuring none other than Sightline’s own Clark Williams-Derry (pictured right, sporting the latest spray-skirt styles):

Of course, riding a real bike rather than driving a car saves much more energy than riding a stationary bike attached to a generator, said Clark Williams-Derry, research director for the Sightline Institute, an environmental research center in Seattle. Nonetheless, Mr. Williams-Derry said, the human power initiatives “show the kind of ingenuity that we’re capable of, and a comprehensive, smart climate policy would unleash lots of similar efforts.”

I have to admit that we were more than a little amused that Clark, of all people, found his way into the Fashion and Style section of the paper. Does this mean wonkiness is the new black?

Coming next week: Sightline on the cover of Vogue.