Geobulb warmFrom Northern California electronics manufacturer C. Crane comes a new LED light bulb—dubbed the Geobulb—that cuts electricity consumption by more than 87 percent, compared with a standard incandescent bulb.  And it lasts for about 10 years before it needs to be replaced.  (See the news report here.) 

The Geobulb doesn’t come cheap, though: a single bulb runs about $120, which means that at this point it’s mostly for enthusiasts and special uses.  But in some cases, the expense can be worth it:  for sockets that are hard or dangerous to reach (think recessed bulbs or hanging light fixtures on a high ceiling ) the Geobulb can be a real convenience, since changing bulbs takes so much labor and effort.

Regardless, as manufacturers gain more experience and economies of scale with LED light bulbs, I expect that prices will come down—holding out hopes for even more energy savings, as well as a bigger boost for the region’s electronics manufacturers.