istock windmillsTomorrow Oregon’s legislators are considering changes to the Business Energy Tax Credit (BETC), a program that has made Oregon’s energy policies the envy of the Northwest. We’ve written about some of the twists and turns in the discussion about BETC has taken over the last year.

BETC has really put Oregon on the clean energy map. Any changes should focus on strengthening BETC. Sightline has outlined how the legislature can uphold Oregon’s commitment to leadership in the clean energy economy.

Sightline recommends that the legislature:

  • Keep BETC strong by committing to a significant level of tax credits.
  • Extend the sunset of credits, ideally through the end of 2016.
  • Build in accountability with a “claw back” provision.

Download Sightline’s two-pager, “A Better BETC: Improving Oregon’s Business Energy Tax Credit

BETC is among the most innovative and effective job-creators in the Northwest’s energy sector. As businesses consider efficiency and renewable energy projects, Oregon should encourage smart, new investments. Please forward it along.