This year, Sightline is celebrating our 25th anniversary, and it has started off at a galloping pace—a stark contrast to Sightline’s first year. In that first summer of 1993, I began it alone, working at an old library desk wedged into my bedroom closet, a phone line bored through the wall by hand drill and a Rolodex of just 10 Cascadians.

My concept was straightforward (if a bit audacious):  that the Pacific Northwest could serve as a global model of sustainability. The strategy was pretty clear, too: a regional think tank that would map the path forward, combining research with storytelling to complement others’ activism and guide the region down the green path. To my astonishment, people kept liking the idea, kept helping me improve it, and kept offering to help. I had, I realized, stumbled upon something big and captivating: the vision of a Cascadia that shows the way.

And now, 25 years later, I still sometimes gape in momentary bewilderment when I look up from my screen to find people working away on all sides of me. A bunch of them! And they seem terribly intelligent and impressive. Where did they come from? What are they doing here? What on God’s green Earth made me so lucky?

And the answer, of course, is YOU. You happened. Somewhere along the way, Sightline stopped being mine. It stopped being about me. It became an us. A big, dispersed, passionate, smart, argumentative, joyful, hilarious, and indefatigable band of people, all united by our commitment to this place on Earth.

  • Your readership, in addition to financial support from our diverse community of donors, makes “us” possible. And we need your support to keep our shared work going strong. Today, May 9th, Sightline—along with hundreds of other Seattle-area nonprofits—is participating in GiveBIG, the Seattle Foundation’s annual 24-hour giving event and we’re asking for your support

    This year, your donation during GiveBIG will help boost our capacity as we work shoulder-to-shoulder with our allies to:

    • Fend off three huge fossil fuel projects: Jordan Cove LNG in Oregon, Kalama methanol in Washington, and the kingpin of them all: the Trans Mountain oil pipeline in British Columbia;
    • Pass the planned carbon fee initiative in Washington in November and follow it in early 2019 with adoption of a carbon pollution price in the Oregon legislature;
    • Remove the legal barriers to backyard cottages and mother-in-law apartments in Seattle; and
    • Win BC’s groundbreaking ballot referendum for proportional representation—a change that could lock in progressive-green leadership in northern Cascadia for the foreseeable future and establish a new North American standard for electoral reform.

    Today, during Seattle’s largest day of giving, I hope you will make a donation in honor of 25 years of Sightline—25 years of us—to help realize our shared vision of a Cascadia that shows the way to a more sustainable future.

    To GiveBIG to Sightline, simply visit Sightline’s page on the Seattle Foundation website between midnight and midnight on May 9, or click the link below!