Ted Wolf, Sightline fellow, is a writer and advocate with interests in sustainability, natural history, and earthquake safety. He is the co-author of Salmon Nation (Ecotrust, 1999), author of Klamath Heartlands (Ecotrust, 2003), and a contributing author of Worldchanging: A User’s Guide (Abrams, 2006 and 2011). A crusader for earthquake-safe schools in the Pacific Northwest, he helped to write the landmark Oregon Resilience Plan created by the state’s earthquake commission, and currently serves as an appointed member of Oregon’s School Capital Improvement Planning Task Force. From 1995 through 2001 he was the communications director for Ecotrust; long before that he was Alan Durning’s first boss at Worldwatch Institute. He has a B.A. in biology from Williams College, a Master’s degree in forest ecosystem management from the University of Washington, and lives with his wife in Portland, Oregon.

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