Wayne Lei, Board Secretary, is Chief Technical Officer for Restoration Fuels, LLC, a benefit corporation principally producing biochar using forest thinnings sourced from overgrown public forest lands. Earlier, he worked for Portland General Electric (PGE), where he was Director of Research and Development for over a decade. In that role, he issued technical white papers on environmental, social, and technical issues affecting the company. Notable projects included installation of a grid-scale, 5 MW, 1.25 MW-hr lithium-ion battery in Salem and obtaining 5,000 tons of torrefied, renewable biomass for a successful test burn to replace the coal used at PGE’s Boardman power plant. Prior to this, Lei was Director of Environmental Policy at PGE, and before that, he worked in the nuclear power industry for ten years. He continues to serve on the Reactor Operations Committee at Reed College. Wayne holds a PhD from New York University in environmental health sciences as well as degrees from Oregon State University and Oberlin College. He is certified in the comprehensive practice of Health Physics by the American Board of Health Physics.