Sightline Speakers

Experts in their fields, our researchers Anna Fahey, Clark Williams-Derry, Kristin Eberhard, Eric de Place, and Alan Durning have addressed a range of sustainability topics from growing a green economy to developing strong communities to protecting our natural environment.

Please contact Serena Larkin at [email protected] if you’re interested in booking a speaker from Sightline Institute.

Below is a September 2012 video of Alan Durning, Sightline’s executive director, addressing a TEDx audience with ten stories of making sustainability legal.

 Past speaking engagements include:

  • Calling the Choir to Sing, April 2013: Anna Fahey addressed a conference for regional champions of climate solutions about “tapping into our dark optimism.” Read the transcript of her talk here.
  • Northwest Coal Exports: Dynamics and Dangers, January 2013: In Portland, Eric de Place addressed Sigma Xi and the Northwest Friends of the Union of Concerned Scientists to explore the risks of coal port plans around the Northwest.
  • Oregon Active Transport Summit, April 2012: Alan Durning shared his view of the past, present and future of active transport with over 200 advocates and leaders interested in alternatived to “car-head.”
  • Communicating Climate Science, workshop hosted by Portland US Geological Survey, January 2012: Anna Fahey coached scientists on making climate science communications compelling and informative for lay audiences.
  • Powerful Messages in Unnatural Times – Webinars to Change the World, March 2011: Anna Fahey provided tips and tools for effective sustainability policy communication, including dos and don’ts for talking about climate change and clean energy.
  • Sustainable Cities Boot Camp, January 2011: Alan Durning addressed cross-sector, inter-jurisdictional teams of practitioners from 13 regions across the US about the challenges and hope in transforming regional development. Watch Alan’s keynote here.
  • National Caucus of Environmental Legislators, December 2010: Lisa Stiffler briefed the caucus on best practices and promising policies for mitigating polluted stormwater.
  • Confluences: Water and Justice, University of Portland, March 2010: Alan durning spoke about the future of sustainability in the northwest and the opportunities for advancing sustainability in the face of an uncertain economic climate.
  • Sustainable Path Foundation 2009 Seminar Series, May 2009: Alan Durning spoke at Town Hall Seattle about the opportunities for a “clean, green economic recovery.”
  • Western Progressive Leadership Network Conference, December 2008: Alan Durning and Aiko Schaefer of Washington State Budget & Policy Center presented at a workshop titled “Climate, Color and Community: how responding to climate change could be a breakthrough opportunity for justice, the economy, and nature.”
  • Planning for Climate Change, University of British Columbia, April 2008: Researcher Eric de Place particiated in  series of roundtable discussions on planning and climate change.