Sightline is Cascadia’s sustainability think tank. We aim to set the region’s long-term agenda by defining the region’s largest sustainability challenges and describing the most effective solutions for meeting them. We believe true sustainability exists at the intersection of environmental health and social justice.

Sightline appreciates a broad array of experiences and backgrounds and is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We continually work to ensure that our audiences, staff, and board reflect the geographic, racial, ethnic, socio-economic, and other demographic diversity of Cascadia.

Director of Thin Green Line
Thin Green Line is looking for a Director to lead our Thin Green Line program as its principal strategist, researcher, writer, communicator, manager, and advocate. This person will lead one of Sightline’s highest-profile, hardest-hitting, and longest-running programs. The principal focus is on fossil fuels, especially obstructing and dismantling the physical infrastructure that enables dirty energy. Secondarily, the program attends to climate change, clean energy, economic transition, and related topics. Problems, questions, or concerns? Please contact [email protected]

Director of Thin Green Line

We occasionally retain interns as well as freelance researchers and writers, graphic designers, GIS analysts, and copy editors. You are welcome to email your resume and a sample of your work, and we will keep it on file.

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