Democracy is a work in progress. The good policy decisions that lead to sustainability rely on a healthy democracy. But politics too frequently derail good and popular policies.

Sightline’s nonpartisan Democracy program focuses on fixes to America’s electoral systems that put more leaders in office on both sides of the aisle who are actually willing to fight for what most Americans want: homes they can afford near where they work, learn, and recreate; good-paying jobs that support their families; clean, efficient transportation options; and clean air and water in a healthy climate.

To this end, we envision a democracy that is more fair, inclusive, and truly reflects the values and needs of American voters. To achieve our goals, we focus on a variety of democracy fixes, including stifling extreme partisanship through open primaries, allowing voters more freedom to express their true preferences through ranked choice voting and proportional representation, and expanding access to voting for all.

Meet the team

Jeannette Lee, Alaska Research Director. Follow her on Twitter, @JLee907.
Jay Lee, Senior Research Associate. Follow him on Twitter at @jaylee_tx.
Nakeshia Diop, Research Assistant (Alaska Fellows Program).