The quest for a sustainable region and healthy, just, affordable communities is blocked again and again by broken or dysfunctional institutions. From making polluters pay for their carbon pollution to updating Cascadia’s transportation infrastructure, from fixing our education systems to protecting our natural heritage, we cannot move forward without deep changes to the rules governing campaign finance, voter rights, and elections—changes that return power to the people, rather than concentrate it in the hands of wealthy individuals or corporations.

Sightline’s research aims to map a path to democracy reform to restore power to voters and free our systems from partisan gridlock and maneuvering—a path that even hard-headed political realists will recognize as both passable and essential.

10 Solutions for American DemocracyNew book—Becoming A Democracy: How We Can Fix The Electoral College, Gerrymandering, And Our Elections

The US Senate doesn’t represent people. Both sides hate gerrymandering and the courts refuse to fix it. Our right to be heard is defeated by voter suppression and an Electoral College system that reverses the popular vote. The US wasn’t built as a democracy. But within our flawed system, you have the tools to tackle our most stubborn election problems by flexing state and local power (no constitutional amendments or courts required). For Sightline’s new book, Becoming A Democracy, Kristin Eberhard, Director of Democracy, thoughtfully researched how the US election system is unjust to many by design, and walks you through 10 big but practical ideas for making elections free, fair, and secure. Now is the time. Book launch is November 13, 2020. Sign up for updates.

Sightline’s state-by-state guide to safe elections in 2020.

2020: State-by-state Guide to Vote By Mail Elections

Local elections officials are on the front lines of the nation’s coronavirus response. With the threat and uncertainty of coronavirus and Election Day just months away, US elections officials are gearing up for a massive increase in mail-out and absentee ballots this November. In 2018, just one in four voters nation-wide cast a ballot by mail, but that share is expected to spike as high as 70 percent in 2020. American elections officials face an urgent challenge to secure democracy and voters’ health and safety in November 2020. Sightline’s new resources, including detailed state-by-state analysis and recommendations, Vote By Mail for Secure Elections in 2020—and Beyond, compiles recommendations and tested solutions tailored to all 50 states and Washington, DC. 

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