Image of Michael Andersen

Michael Andersen

Senior Housing Researcher and Transportation Lead
Image of Kate Anderson

Kate Anderson

Senior Researcher, Farms and Forests
Image of Dan Bertolet

Dan Bertolet

Director, Housing and Urbanism
Image of Alice Buckley

Alice Buckley

Senior Researcher and Montana Lead
Image of Webster Chang

Webster Chang

Digital Strategy Manager
Image of Rachel Consolo

Rachel Consolo

Human Resources Manager
Image of Alan Durning

Alan Durning

Executive Director
Image of Anna Fahey

Anna Fahey

Senior Director, Communications and Campaigns
Image of Catie Gould

Catie Gould

Senior Researcher, Transportation
Image of Shannon Grimes

Shannon Grimes

Researcher, Democracy
Image of Serena Larkin

Serena Larkin

Editorial Director
Image of Jay Lee

Jay Lee

Senior Research Associate, Democracy
Image of Jeannette Lee

Jeannette Lee

Alaska Research Director
Image of Kate Macfarlane

Kate Macfarlane

Researcher, Housing and Urbanism
Image of Nashrah


Donor Events and Engagement Manager
Image of Emily Moore

Emily Moore

Director, Climate and Energy
Image of Leah Quinn

Leah Quinn

Senior Associate, Operations
Image of Meaghan Robbins

Meaghan Robbins

Managing Director, Development and Operations
Image of Terry Satran

Terry Satran

Senior Associate, Development and Operations
Image of Alexa Woodard

Alexa Woodard

Senior Manager, Development



Image of John Abbotts

John Abbotts

Image of Frances Bula

Frances Bula

Image of Christina Claassen

Christina Claassen

Sightline Daily Editor
Image of Barbara Clabots

Barbara Clabots

Sightline Daily Editor
Image of Trisha Comsti

Trisha Comsti

Sightline Daily Editor
Image of Tim McCormick

Tim McCormick

Image of Daniel Oleksiuk

Daniel Oleksiuk

Image of Devin Porter

Devin Porter


Board Members

Sightline’s Board of Directors holds ultimate responsibility for Sightline’s governance, leadership, and strategic direction. Its members are a diverse group of community leaders from across Cascadia who volunteer their time to help advance Sightline’s mission.