What you say is just as important as how you say it. Sightline director of strategic communications Anna Fahey combs through piles of public opinion research, transcripts from speeches, and academic studies to distill best practices in messaging for leaders in the Northwest and beyond. She tackles topics ranging from climate change to the role of government, and she explains what it means to use values-based messaging and effective storytelling to help move your audience in the ways that count.

Series in Strategic Messaging

  • Flashcards

    Sightline Flashcards are quick reference tools for effective communications strategies. They're messaging memos distilled from experts and savvy communicators—to help you do your job and save you time.
  • Word on the Street

    Sightline's communications strategy team looks at the latest polling data and political messaging for best practices, worst practices, and lessons for Northwest policy champions.
  • Talking Weather and Climate

    In this blog series, Communications Strategist Anna Fahey examines how scientists, public figures, and journalists are linking weather and climate.

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