What you say is just as important as how you say it. Words, stories, imagery—all of these help determine the impact of the data and arguments you’re sharing. 

Sightline Institute’s strategic communications program publishes messaging guidance for leaders in Cascadia and beyond distilled from public opinion research, transcripts from speeches, and academic studies. We tackle topics ranging from zoning for equitable, affordable, low-carbon cities to elections systems upgrades to shore up a healthy, resilient democracy. And we demonstrate how values-based messaging and effective storytelling help move your audience in the ways that count.  

Meet the team

Anna Fahey, Senior Director of Strategy. Follow her on Twitter at @afahey.
Serena Larkin, Director of Communications. Follow her at @serenalarkin.
Webster Chang, Digital Strategy Manager.
Pansze Fam Bam
Martin Pansze, Senior Associate of Press and Social Media.

Select projects and resources 

Flashcards: Quick messaging tips on key issues 

Sightline Flashcards are quick messaging memos, distilled from new message testing, experts, and savvy practitioners, to give elected officials and advocates tools to advance policy solutions and mobilize action. From climate justice to housing abundance, fair elections to conservation, these are cheat sheets to translating tricky topics into compelling communications. View the Flashcards archive. 

More homes, in all shapes and sizes, for all our neighbors 

As cities and towns in Cascadia and beyond struggle to address their deep shortages of homes—and their resulting high prices, income- and racially-segregated communities, pollution, and homelessness—proponents of abundant housing options can elevate their messages by connecting on shared values and shared big-picture visions for their communities. Learn more. 

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