Sightline Institute is available to help the media in any way we can. Our researchers and communications team can provide commentary, interviews, story ideas, background information, or serve as expert sources. We work on a range of topics in the northwest, from climate policy and energy use to population and human health. If we can’t comment on an issue ourselves, chances are we know someone who can.

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Media and Editorial Inquiries:

Serena Larkin, Editorial Director


Dan Bertolet, Senior Researcher
Expertise: Housing, Urban Planning, Urbanism

Anna Fahey, Senior Director, Strategic Communications & Campaigns
Expertise: Issue Messaging on Climate, Housing, Democracy

Alan Durning, Executive Director
Expertise: Climate Policy, Housing and Parking Regulations, Democracy Reform

Recent Press Releases

  • Report: Unplanned Oil Refinery Closures Cost Communities Big

    Thousands of jobs, millions of tax dollars, delayed or avoided site cleanups: lessons from seven US communities should urge WA leaders to plan ahead.
    December 1, 2022

    MEDIA CONTACT: Emily Moore,   Since 2019 seven oil refineries have closed across the United States, almost all without warning, leading to the loss of more than 3,400 high-paying jobs and $21 million in forgone tax revenue annually in the communities that hosted them. At the same time, most of the oil companies that own […]

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  • Analysis: Alaska’s Early Midterm Election Results Show a Possible Way Out of Political Extremism

    With voters feeling free to cross party lines, moderation will likely win the day  
    November 22, 2022

    For Release: November 22, 2022 Media Contact: Jeannette Lee, Senior Researcher and Alaska Lead, @JLee907  ANCHORAGE, AK—The results from Alaska’s first ranked choice election are set to be announced at 4:00 PM AST, on Wednesday, November 23 (8:00 PM EST). By now, though, Alaska’s Division of Elections has counted a sufficient number of first-round […]

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  • Analysis: Alaska Voters Had More Choice in 2022 Statewide Elections

    Open primaries and ranked choice voting likely helped spur a larger, more diverse candidate pool and competition for all statewide primary races.
    November 7, 2022

    For Immediate Release: November 4, 2022 Media Contacts: Jeannette Lee, Senior Researcher and Alaska Lead, @JLee907 ANCHORAGE, AK – Alaskans this year had a larger, more diverse, and competitive statewide candidate pool to vote on, coinciding with the introduction of the state’s new election system using open primaries and ranked choice voting. That’s according […]

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