Climate change and ocean acidification are already costing the Northwest big: they are killing our shellfish, igniting massive wildfires, causing floods and landslides, and upping asthma rates and other public health impacts across the region. We face a critical juncture in deciding our future. As the greenest region of the wealthiest country in history, we stand as a thin green line between inland US coal, oil, and gas and fickle Asian energy markets eager to burn our fuel and send us the pollution.

We also have the opportunity to rise as a climate policy leader and make polluters pay for their carbon pollution. Oregon and Washington State could enact world-class carbon pricing measures, joining British Columbia and California to form a powerful West Coast bloc committed to a cleaner future, to polluter accountability, and to a healthier climate. Sightline Institute’s climate and energy research answers the big questions on how best to achieve this vision.

Series in Climate & Energy

  • Cashing In Our Carbon

    How and why Oregon and Washington should follow British Columbia's lead and start cashing in on carbon pollution.
  • Northwest Coal & Oil Exports

    The facts on coal exports, oil trains, and the real costs of these schemes for our region and climate.
  • Cascadia Climate Action

    What Cascadia is doing to make polluters pay.
  • Northwest Ocean Acidification

    This series explores the local costs of ocean acidification –the process by which water absorbs too much carbon pollution, becoming more corrosive.

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