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Northwest Ocean Acidification

The hidden costs of fossil fuel pollution

Fishing Boat

Every day, oceans do us a huge favor by absorbing about a third of the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by human activities. But as we burn more fossil fuels and clear forests, our oceans absorb more and become more acidic. The result is water that’s potentially lethal to a large swath of creatures that play a huge role in aquatic ecosystems, the Northwest economy, and our dinner plates. Read more »

Washington State Carbon Tax

Fiscal and Environmental Impacts

A carbon tax has long been heralded as an economy-wide tool to curb greenhouse gas emissions. As the federal government continues to struggle in implementing comprehensive climate policy, leaders in Washington State have shown interest in a state carbon tax. Read more »

Curbing Stormwater Pollution

Cleaning Up the Northwest's Toxic Runoff

Water flowing from storm drain

Stormwater doesn’t match the traditional image of pollution. There are no factory smokestacks belching waste. Yet polluted stormwater packs a punch. Sightline’s report, Curbing Stormwater Pollution, looks at the challenges we face and the opportunities we have to clean up our waterways. Read more »

Curbing Stormwater in Puget Sound

The Case for Low-Impact Development

Storm Drain

Rain may not seem like a likely culprit for many of Puget Sound’s pollution woes. But on it’s journey from sky to stream it picks up a host of toxics from our roofs, roadways, and yards. The end result is a toxic cocktail that spills into our waterways. This report catalogs the challenges polluted stormwater poses for the Puget Sound region, and highlights local Low Impact Development projects that are helping solve the problem. Read more »

Green-Collar Profiles

Faces of the Green-Collar Workforce

Examples of northwesterners with, or looking for, green-collar jobs. Read more »

Cap and Trade 101: A Climate Policy Primer

July 2009 Federal Policy Edition

Solar Panel on Roof

In Cap and Trade 101: A Climate Policy Primer, Sightline sorts out the details on what’s emerging as the most popular and comprehensive policy solution to the enormous challenge of climate change. Sightline’s primer also looks at current bills, such as the American Clean Energy and Security Act. Read more »

Green-Collar Jobs: Realizing the Promise

Two electricians working

Green-collar jobs—jobs dedicated to saving energy, producing renewable energy, or reducing pollution—can speed progress on two deeply rooted problems at once: easing our dependence on climate-warming fossil fuels and fostering lasting, broadly shared economic prosperity. Read more »