Now this would be an interesting election year choice: Based on this interview in which Seattle Seahawks’ famously outspoken all-pro cornerback Richard Sherman criticizes taxpayer subsidies for sports stadiums, who would you prefer for president? Sherman’s got my vote hands-down. (I don’t mind his tagline either: “Make America the Place You Want To Raise Your Kids.”)


The International Examiner, Seattle’s Asian-Pacific Islander newspaper, is hosting its Reader’s Choice Awards next Thursday, June 16. This awards ceremony and community potluck dinner will honor local leaders, artists, businesses, and nonprofits that contribute to the city’s Asian-Pacific Islander community. Come celebrate some of the folks who make Seattle great! More info here.

Kristin G.

This week has been filled with stories of the Stanford rape case—an infuriating event which brings up concerns of privilege and fairness in our criminal justice system. My hope is that it sheds some light on how big this problem is overall and that it will help us focus our attention on how to reform the system.