How we build our communities is key to a sustainable future. Dense, walkable neighborhoods, people-centered planning, and multimodal transit networks mean that Cascadians can spend less time commuting in their cars and contributing to carbon pollution. It means that we preserve our natural places rather than sprawl into them. And it means that our communities are vibrant, diverse centers of culture for all kinds of people and families, across income levels.

But cities and towns across the Northwest are experiencing some of North America’s fastest growth, bringing with it an unprecedented housing crunch and challenging our ability to grow sufficiently and equitably into the future. Sightline research delves into the key roadblocks to progress on this issue and recommends smart solutions for a thriving, growing Cascadia.


Invisible Walls Shutting You Out?

A 90-second explainer video on the problem of exclusionary zoning and the upzoning affordability solution. Want to learn more about how zoning keeps prices high and builds invisible walls around our cities and how upzoning for more homes, all shapes and sizes, protects mixed-income communities and stabilizes prices? Find more on upzoning and exclusionary zoning here.

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