Banner for Sightline's 2023 Fall Fund Drive, with a larch-y background and celerating 30th year anniversary

Sightline’s Fall Fund Drive is here! As leaves fall and temperatures drop, Sightline is digging into our region’s most significant issues. Give today to build strong communities, a green economy, and a healthy environment. With your support, our team can remain nimble and engaged as we advance long-term solutions.

Thank you for your trust.

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Two young children walk on a sidewalk in a city neighborhood, wearing school backpacks and holsing hands. There are trees and lush greenery along the road and sidewalk. An apartment building is directly ahead of them. There are cars parked on the street to their left. It's a sunny day.
A depiction of clean renewable energy jobs. A person in protective work attre, rain gear and a hardhat and gloves, crouches atop a wide array of solar panels, working on installing or adjusting the clean energy technology. The person appears to be Black. In the background is a blue sky with puffy white clouds. On the horizong are half a dozen large scale wind generators.
Person gardening in a shared co-op garden