Ditch fossil fuels and transition to a just, equitable, renewable energy economy. Images of fracking infrastructure, a father and child at the beach, and farmland with wind turbines.

Hello! We’re glad to hear you are interested in climate protections and ditching fossil fuels.

Stopping climate change is a driver behind all we do at Sightline—from green cities and housing to democracy reforms to sustainable farms and forests.

We’d love to introduce you to some of Sightline’s work to advance smart climate protections and to ditch fossil fuels—and usher a just transition to clean, abundant renewable energy sources.

Sightline’s work to hold the Thin Green Line: We are working hard to halt new regional fossil fuel infrastructure proposals in their tracks, to destabilize fossil fuel finances and, ultimately, to curb plastics production and climate-changing emissions.

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Our work to ditch fossil fuels: If we could do one thing to put the economy on track to a safe, healthy, equitable future, we’d put a price on climate-changing greenhouse gases. As we push for policy to do that, we also continue to evaluate local corporate climate commitments, track COVID-19’s impact on energy markets, and develop messaging tips for talking about fracked gas and climate solutions.

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