By Sightline

“Sightline’s Cascadia Scorecard gives us powerful measures that reach many aspects of our lives.” – Oregon Secretary of State Bill Bradbury

Each minute in 2003 northwesterners cut one acre of the region’s forest. Every four minutes the Northwest’s population increased by one. Every 20 minutes, the population of poor northwesterners grew by one. These are small changes, but-as Cascadia Scorecard shows-over decades, such trends transform the region more dramatically than the fleeting headlines that so often makes front-page news.

The Cascadia Scorecard is Sightline’s index of seven trends that have profoundly shaped the Northwest’s past and are critical to its future. It serves as a progress report on how the region is doing in the areas that matter most-and where we most need to improve. The Cascadia Scorecard is now available in an online format.

Cascadia Scorecard 2004 text

Cascadia Scorecard is Sightline’s 14th book. Authors include executive director Alan Thein Durning; Sightline research director Clark Williams-Derry; and research associate Eric de Place.

March 10, 2004