By Sightline Institute

“A pioneering attempt to assess life in the Pacific Northwest across a broad array of measures.” — The Seattle Times

Launched in 2004, the Cascadia Scorecard charts the Pacific Northwest’s success at creating a sustainable economy and way of life. The 2005 Scorecard gives a concise update on how Cascadia ranks in seven key trends, with a focus on one of the most critical issues facing the region: energy. It details the weaknesses of the region’s energy system and argues that Cascadia can achieve true security, and a stronger economy, by investing in a clean-energy revolution that is already gathering force.

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Cascadia Scorecard 2005 text

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Authors of Cascadia Scorecard 2005 include executive director Alan Thein Durning; Sightline research director Clark Williams-Derry; research associate Eric de Place; and former research consultant John Abbotts.

February 24, 2005