In 2023, a national assessment of housing underproduction rated Oregon’s housing shortage as the fifth-worst in the United States. That year, Gov. Tina Kotek convened a bipartisan, multidisciplinary effort to identify and remove barriers to homebuilding in Oregon and boost the housing production rate by more than 50%.

For Cascadians who believe in sustainable prosperity, the stakes are high. Oregon’s 50-year tradition of state-led land-use planning, and the relatively compact metro areas its land use laws make possible, could be a model for the rest of the rich world. But Oregon would also need to prove it’s possible to have abundance without sprawl and affordability without excess.

This series articulates a specific, actionable agenda for abundant housing that respects the land Oregonians depend on, all the millions of people who live in Oregon, and the millions more who will someday want to.

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