About Sightline

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Smart solutions for a sustainable Northwest

Sightline Institute is an independent, nonprofit research and communications center—a think tank—founded by Alan Durning in 1993.

Our work:

Sightline equips the Northwest’s citizens and decision-makers with the policy research and practical tools they need to advance long-term solutions to our region’s most significant challenges. Our work includes in-depth research, commentary, and analysis, delivered online, by email, and in-person to Northwest policy champions, emerging leaders, and a range of community partners . Find out more about our accomplishments, read our latest work, and get our latest research by email and social media.

We believe true sustainability exists at the intersection of environmental health and social justice.

Sightline has long championed sustainability solutions that benefit all our communities in the Northwest. We strive to identify injustice and work to dismantle the systems that perpetuate it. We actively seek to expand our role in advancing public policy and producing resources for Northwest leaders and community partners that tackle issues of racial and economic inequality.

Our mission:

Sightline Institute’s mission is to make the Northwest a global model of sustainability—strong communities, a green economy, and a healthy environment.

Our vision:

We envision in the Pacific Northwest an economy and way of life that are environmentally sound, economically vibrant, and socially just. We believe that if northwesterners succeed at reconciling themselves with the natural heritage of this place—the greenest part of history’s richest civilization—we can set an example for the world.

Our values:

  • Community.
    We are all in this place together, sharing its burdens and benefits, rising or falling together. Sightline stands for strong communities.
  • Fairness.
    We stand for a well-governed economy that generates widely shared prosperity. We stand for public policies that support citizens equally.
  • Opportunity.
    We stand for a society that generates opportunity: where all can thrive and where everyone has a chance to flourish.
  • Responsibility.
    Our way of life depends on a healthy natural heritage and strong public institutions. We stand for stewarding our inheritance well.

Our impact (with your help):

  • Champion the best solutions
    Sightline focuses on policies that can bring long-term prosperity to the region.
  • Inform our region’s leaders and citizens
    Our in-depth research reports, blog commentary and analysis, messaging tips, and daily news digest keep Northwest policy champions on top of their game.
  • Empower citizens and decision-makers
    Sightline’s practical tools help Northwest leaders make the case for equitable sustainability policy.

You can get involved:

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