Sightline is Cascadia’s sustainability think tank. We aim to set the region’s long-term agenda by defining the region’s largest sustainability challenges and describing the most effective solutions for meeting them.

We believe true sustainability exists at the intersection of environmental health and social justice.

We continually work to ensure that our audiences, staff, and board reflect the geographic, racial, ethnic, socio-economic and other demographic diversity of Cascadia.

Sightline Daily Contract Editor

Do you have a voracious appetite for news? Do you like to share good stories? Are you persnickety about the details? Do you understand the important connections between environmental health and social justice? Do you live in Oregon, Washington, or British Columbia, and are you looking for a flexible work schedule? Sightline Institute has a unique opportunity to join our team of daily news service editors. Read the full description to learn more:

Sightline Daily Contract Editor Description

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