Sightline Institute is available to help the media in any way we can. Our researchers and communications team can provide commentary, interviews, story ideas, background information, or serve as expert sources. We work on a range of topics in the northwest, from climate policy and energy use to population and human health. If we can’t comment on an issue ourselves, chances are we know someone who can.

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Media Contact:

Serena Larkin, Senior Communications Associate
206-447-1880 x 111, serena [at] sightline [dot] org

Keiko Budech, Communications Associate
206-447-1880 x 109, keiko [at] sightline [dot] org


Clark Williams-Derry, Deputy Director
Expertise: Land Use & Transportation, Coal Finance

Eric de Place, Policy Director
Expertise: Climate Policy, Coal Exports, Oil Trains

Anna Fahey, Senior Communications Strategist
Expertise: Climate Change Messaging

Kristin Eberhard, Senior Researcher
Expertise: Climate Policy, Carbon Pricing, Governance

Alan Durning, Executive Director
Expertise: Climate Policy, Housing and Parking Regulations, Governance

Sightline in the News

  • Seattle, in Midst of Tech Boom, Tries to Keep Its Soul

    For years, business leaders here have closely studied the San Francisco region, seeking to emulate the way it churns out so many leading technology companies. In large measure, those efforts worked. But now, leaders in Seattle are looking to the Bay Area as a different sort of model: a cautionary tale.

    New York Times October 8, 2015
  • Honest Elections? Yes, We Can Have Those in Seattle

    We need a democracy where people from all walks of life in Seattle can run for and win office, not just the wealthy and friends of the wealthy.

    Crosscut August 17, 2015
  • The Thin Green Line: Fighting Fossil Fuel Exports in the Pacific Northwest

    Eric de Place of the indispensable Sightline Institute has published a list of 18 fossil fuel export projects proposed for the PNW that have been delayed or canceled. They have run into trouble for a variety of reasons, but in every case organized citizen action has helped, sometimes decisively. Sightline calls this new movement “the thin green line,” and given how fast it’s had to scramble, the power and number of its enemies, and its chronic lack of resources, it has been remarkably successful so far.

    Vox August 16, 2015
  • The “Thin Green Line” Holding Back US Energy Exports

    The West Coast has become a key priority for an array of coal miners and gas producers. And the reason for that is not a mystery – exporting from the Pacific Ocean would allow companies to access the vast and rapidly growing energy markets in Asia. However, would-be exporters have run into a wall of opposition that runs up and down the Cascades, with the inability to make progress on a long list of projects. The Sightline Institute, a Seattle-based environmental group, has nicknamed the region the “Thin Green Line,” referring to the physical barrier that local opposition has effectively thrown up in front of export projects in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia.

    Oil Price August 16, 2015
  • Warren Buffett Really Likes Oil Trains — Despite the Explosions

    The people in the Musi-Café had no idea what hit them. At about 1am on July 6, 2013, a train parked on a slope a couple miles away slipped its brakes. Seventy-two tank cars loaded with crude oil accelerated into the town of Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, and began to tumble off the tracks, detonating and burning with a force so powerful that it leveled several city blocks. Forty-seven people were killed — most of whom were inside the Musi-Café.

    VICE News July 29, 2015

Recent Press Releases

  • Report: Where Do Pollution, Poverty, and Race Come Together in Washington State?

    Sightline Institute outlines best methods for identifying highly-impacted communities.
    August 3, 2015

    For Immediate Release: August 3, 2015 Contact: Serena Larkin, [email protected], 206-447-1880 x111 SEATTLE // In Washington state and across America, communities of color and low-income neighborhoods are more likely to be exposed to air pollution and toxic chemicals, even while they often have fewer resources to respond to their harmful impacts. As Washington Governor Jay […]

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  • Seattle Campaigns Overwhelmingly Funded by Wealthy, White People with View Homes

    Sightline Institute analysis shows Honest Elections Seattle initiative would spread political giving across the city.
    July 22, 2015

    For Immediate Release: July 22, 2015 Contact: Keiko Budech, [email protected], 206-447-1880 x114 SEATTLE // Just 1.5 percent of adults in Seattle gave money to 2013 candidates. Fully half of total donation dollars came from 1,683 contributors, or 0.3 percent of the city’s adults; and more than a quarter came from only 0.07 percent of adults—the 391 […]

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  • Sightline, Earthjustice Sue Obama Administration over Crude Oil Exports and Illegal Secrecy

    Lawsuit follows unanswered FOIA request filed in February. Export Administration Act no longer shields BIS from answering such inquiries.
    June 25, 2015

    For Immediate Release: June 25, 2015 Contact: Serena Larkin, [email protected], 206-447-1880 x111 Anna Sewell, [email protected], 206-343-7340 x1042 Patti Goldman, [email protected], 206-343-7340 x1032 SEATTLE // Earthjustice, on behalf of Sightline Institute, has filed a lawsuit against the Obama administration today in hopes of daylighting information behind crucial federal energy policy decisions. The groups had submitted a […]

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