In this month’s Cascadia Scorecard News, we profile the Northwest’s community-supported agriculture movement, which has exploded in the past 15 years. (Community-supported agriculture farms—or CSAs—are growers who sell prepaid “shares” of produce directly to consumers, either for the full season or for a shorter commitment.)

My personal indicator of their growth is that the last time I wrote about CSAs, in 1996, there were around five serving King County, Washington; now there at least 29 farms serving King County and 65 in the state. This is a story that is paralleled throughout the region: small sector, big growth.

Do you have your own story about CSAs and other local-produce efforts in the Northwest? If so, please share them with other readers (by commenting below). We’d love to hear your tips on how to choose a farm, how long to commit, and how to make sure your dollars are doing the most good.

Tips on British Columbian CSAs would be especially appreciated, as online resources were scarce.