(I’m Kristin, Tidepool’s editor. I’ll be offering up some “cliff notes” to important Northwest news stories every morning, along with the daily edition of Cascadia’s sustainability news source.)

In Tidepool today, the Salem Statesmen Journal reports on new efforts to clean up the Willamette—it’s ranked no. 3 in American Rivers’ annual endangered rivers report. (The Boise River is at no. 6, which I picked up from the Idaho Statesman in yesterday’s Tidepool.) Meanwhile, other papers report on a new salmon lawsuit brewing in polluted Puget Sound. And a new U.S. Census report triggers a spate of stories around migration trends and unaffordable housing in the region and beyond.

More on Tidepool’s front page: Interested in following the alliance between environmental groups and sportsmen, which I featured in yesterday’s Tidepool? There’s a Wyoming-focused story in USA Today–with a great lede.

And if you’re looking for a window onto spring from your cubicle walls: The Globe and Mail reports on a Hornby Island site that has been webcasting an eagle’s nest. It’s wildly popular. Actually, my toddler and I have been tuning in from time to time over the past month, as we haven’t made it out of the city in too long. (I thank my Gulf-Island-hopping archaeologist-husband, who brought it to my attention.) The eggs are expected to hatch around April 25.