Canadians are healthier than Americans, according to a new study published in the American Journal of Public Health.

Americans are 42 percent more likely than Canadians to have diabetes, 32 percent more likely to have high blood pressure, and 12 percent more likely to have arthritis…

Coming hard on the heels of a highly crediblestudy showing that Americans are much sicker than Britons, the new comparison should give US policymakers pause. Comprehensive health care coverage in Canada may be a factor, but I suspect that much of the difference may relate to these two facts:

  • About 21 percent of Americans said they were obese, compared with 15 percent of Canadians.
  • And about 13.5 percent of the Americans admitted to a sedentary lifestyle, versus 6.5 percent of Canadians.

But can policies make a difference in obesity and physical activity? You bet.