Cascadia Scorecard 2007 Cover 125w

The 2007 edition of the Cascadia Scorecard, the Pacific Northwest’s annual progress report, reveals that the region lags behind world leaders on trends such as energy, sprawl, and economic security.

The good news is that we are making progress—and adopting smart solutions will accelerate those gains. Seattle Times has called the Cascadia Scorecard “a pioneering attempt to assess life in the Pacific Northwest across a broad array of measures.” Launched by Sightline Institute in 2004, the Scorecard aims to assess the region’s progress in key trends shaping its future, and to provide an alternative to one-sided measures such as the Dow Jones industrial average and GDP.

The new book is chock full of maps and charts.

Press materials, data supplements, state breakdowns, and solutions—along with the full book—are available for free download here.