This fall, the Sightline research shop has been cranking out a bunch of new maps, analyses, and tools on timely Northwest issues—from climate to property rights.

To help you keep track, here’s a cheatsheet on what’s new. Share them, use them, tell us what you think. (Quick reminder: All graphics are downloadable in several versions.)

Co2 Emissions by Sector Thumb 75 Why transportation matters so much in Northwest climate policy: Visual evidence of why transportation emissions need to be included in regional climate policy.
M37 Hood River map 60w Mapping Oregon’s Future: How Hood River, Portland, and the Willamette Valley will change in light of Oregon’s Measure 37.
I-5 Highway 60w Analysis of greenhouse-gas emissions and new highway lanes:What’s the climate impact of adding new roads? We did the math.
Smart Kid 60w Climate Policy for Smarties:A blog series with our latest thinking on how the NW can most effectively—and fairly—slash greenhouse gas emissions. Plus, a page listing all our climate policy treats.
Energy Counter small image 60w Widgets R Us! Our 2007 energy counter and WalkScore are both available in widget form (this means you can easily put them on your website or blog).

Pollution Policy Analysis: How a Washington State pollution-prevention fee is undermined because it gives bulk discounts to the biggest polluters.

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