Something cool is afoot this week. Eban Goodstein an environmental economics professor from Oregon’s Lewis & Clark College has organized the largest “teach-in” – maybe ever.

On Thursday, more than 1,500 U.S. institutions—mostly colleges, universities and high schools, but also churches and civic groups—will host events that bring students, faculty and other citizens together with elected leaders to discuss not just global warming, but climate solutions.

Eban GoodsteinWhat’s especially encouraging about this is that Goodstein is thinking big. He’s realistic about the problem but optimistic about the opportunities involved with smart policy solutions. Small stuff: Better light bulbs and hybrid cars, Goodstein told the Oregonian, aren’t going to prevent global warming from causing irreversible, worldwide damage. The United States must create the tools that today’s students soon will need to “rewire the entire planet with low-cost, clean energy technologies, create tens of millions of jobs, stabilize the climate, and lay the foundation for a prosperous, sustainable future.”

Exactly. And it’s exciting to see young people mobilize around this sense of challenge and promise and see them engaging in a dynamic conversation about solutions and action.

The Oregonian has a great profile of Goodstein and the nation-wide event.

Find out more about Focus the Nation here and the teach-in here.

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