leighT.S. Eliot was right: April really is the cruelest month. Today, we’re saying goodbye to Leigh Sims, our senior communications associate.

Leigh’s been a core part of our programs for 6 and a half years, during which time she’s acted as strategist, writer, editor, designer, audience researcher, event planner, manager of at least two finicky databases, and general voice of sanity. As an example, here’s an email I got from Leigh once when I was working on wildlife research:

How can you say they aren’t charismatic wildlife? You never told us that the giant Palouse earthworms smell like flowers and can spit! You can’t get much more charismatic than that. They’re so rad.

See, that’s exactly  the kind of giant-earthworm-related perspective that’s been essential to Sightline. So, if you notice Sightline falling apart soon, you can just go ahead and blame her for leaving us. 

Leigh’s moving to Team Soapbox, a group specializing in issue advocacy public relations. We know she’ll do great there, but we also wanted to say this: we’re gonna miss you, Leigh.


p.s. It’ll be tough to fill her shoes… but we’re hiring.