Uncertain about the big automaker bailout? I give you KC Golden of Climate Solutions, in a Seattle P-I op-ed:

Saving GM under any circumstances is a hard swallow. This is the company whose Vice Chairman Bob Lutz says “global warming is a total crock of s – – -.”

GM sent a posse of executives and lobbyists to Olympia to fight Washington’s Clean Car Act in 2006, a law that will reduce climate pollution from new cars by 30 percent and save Washington consumers more than $2 billion in fuel costs.


The market wants efficient cars; the engineers can produce them; the law requires them. But GM’s lawyers and executives fight on for their right to commit commercial suicide and planetary ecocide, even as they descend on Congress, cup in hand.

Come again—why should we dig deep to save a company that seems so resolutely determined to destroy itself, taking the economy and the planet down with it?

Go read the whole thing here.

Plus, if that’s not enough GM reading, you can take a look at Thomas Friedman’s latest, which also appears in the P-I today. It’s excellent.