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Vancouver buildlingsMaybe we don’t say it enough, but we love British Columbia. Home of the world’s most comprehensive carbon tax (that some would call the best climate policy out there), smart planning to prevent sprawl, and, well, folks up there just live longer.

In honor of Cascadia’s northerly jurisdiction, here’s some of our finest writing on BC.


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  • Will BC Elections Turn on Carbon Tax Shift?

    Last week, BC’s New Democratic Party put a misleading attack on the province’s world-leading carbon tax shift at the center of its long-shot campaign to regain control of the province’s government in the May 12 elections. The campaign officially kicked off today … As I said in October, I hope this argument won’t work. The NDP—a party Sightline proudly advised and collaborated with during its last term in power—is playing fast and loose with the facts.

    (Also see articles in the Tyee and Surrey Leader that were influenced by this post).


    Vancouver SkylineVancouver: A Sustainability Geek’s Dream

    The top five ideas to come from Cascadia’s own ecotopia:

    1. Living tall and skinny
    2. No highways
    3. Farms near the city
    4. Refillable beer bottles
    5. Transit galore.

    10 Minutes with Gordon Price

    A sit-down Sightline board member and urban design expert Gordon Price.

    The Infamous Car-Less Vacation

    A play-by-play of one family’s car-less vacation in Vancouver with five lessons:

    1. Each segment of a multi-leg, car-less outing involves slightly more uncertainty than does a car trip.
    2. Cities should nurture the spontaneous emergence of art.
    3. As the private automobile becomes less dominant in dense urban neighborhoods like central Vancouver, other transportation options proliferate.
    4. We can’t build strong communities when substance abuse, and it’s concomitants, is rending them apart.
    5. The Achilles heel of car-less vacationing is not transportation. It’s toilets.

    Vancouver farmlandSprawl and Smart Growth in Greater Vancouver, BC

    Pedestrian-oriented development is going gangbusters in Vancouver itself, but as a region Greater Vancouver’s smart growth leadership is slipping.


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