I’m going to give you this news report verbatim. It calls to mind a Sightline post from a few years ago that put the plastic vs. paper debate to rest for good. It’s what you put in your shopping bag that counts. The impact of our meat purchases absurdly outweighs all the veggies we can eat.

The Belgian city of Ghent will declare every Thursday a vegetarian day and offer climate-conscious consumers tips on limiting their meat intake, which city officials consider a significant source of pollution.
Tom Balthazar, a Ghent city councillor, says abstaining from meat one day a week “is good for the climate, your health and your taste buds.”

The city, 50 kilometres (30 miles) west of Brussels, threw a party to celebrate the first veggie day.

It dispensed recipes and a list of vegetarian restaurants, and gave demonstrations on how to cook a green meal.

Municipal restaurants will limit meat to an alternative section of the menu on Thursdays.

Balthazar says meat production is responsible for 18 per cent of greenhouse gasses.

Go Ghent!