BC cafe - Gordon PriceWant to see your photos on Sightline Daily? Sightline has a new group on Flickr and we would love to see your photos! We’re looking for unique, supporter-generated images that we can use to liven up the homepage, the blog, Sightline Daily emails… anywhere your spot of color can help to support the development of a sustainable future for our region.

Each month, one photo will also be recognized as the best submission for that calendar period in its very own blog post on Sightline Daily—it’s a fun, easy way to support Sightline, and to share your photos with people who care about the issues that they express. Take a look at the group and find out how to submit here.

If you aren’t a Flickr sort of person, you can also email your photos right to us at editor@sightline.org Please indicate “photopool” as the subject and include your name (or alternative form of accreditation) and where you’re from in the body of the email so that we can be sure to credit your work to you!

Special thanks to Gordon Price for helping us to kick things off with a few photos from Vancouver from his own collection!