Our readers certainly didn’t make it easy on us, but here you have it: this month’s winner from Sightline’s Flickr Photopool is ‘Sidewalk Lanes‘ by Jeff Youngstrom —for it’s smorgasbord of alternative transportation options all captured in just one frame. We couldn’t resist.

Bike lanes and transit

ST Light RailSpeaking of not being able to resist, since there were so many incredible submissions, we’re also including two runners up: a great (and very timely) shot of the Sound Transit Light Rail by The Lebers, and ‘Harrison Green Roof Garage‘ by Rob Harrison. Since green roofing not only reduces energy costs and total urban heat, but also provides storm water treatment, we all agreed that this was a great solution in action. 


Green Roof GarageFinally—and we’ll try to contain ourselves better next month—Simon in Open Field. It might not be a solution in action itself, but we have a weakness for this one… perhaps because it reminds us of a certain poem that Alan is fond of quoting in his speeches… A good reminder of why we’re working hard to get there.


Simon in Field

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed!

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