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If you’re a subscriber to Sightline Daily, you’ve heard from us a lot this week. We’ve talked about our work on climate fairness, green jobs, urban affordability, and the Cascadia Scorecard—a powerful resource for policy makers and informed community members alike. On the blog this week, Sightline staff have been covering the Climate Gap and just what kind of stimulus dollars will rain down on Washington.

Our online tools and coverage of pertinent news point to a part of the larger mission here at Sightline: building a level playing field, meaning that no matter where we live, we all have the right to affordable housing, quality education, a living wage, quality health care, clean air, and good food. (You can read more about our mission here.)

Sightline was founded on four core values: community, fairness, responsibility and opportunity. We are proud to be thoughtful stewards of our beautiful bioregion and are seizing the opportunities of the current political environment to improve the quality of life for everyone- from Sage Grouse in eastern Oregon to workers in a greener economy.

Regionally and nationally we are at a crossroads. It is a very exciting time to be a part of Sightline.

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