This Wednesday and Thursday night at Seattle Town Hall, WorldChanging’sAlex Steffen will be speaking about “Building a Planet with a Future”:

“The future is unfolding as far more dangerous and chaotic than we hoped… and more full of opportunity and reasons for optimism than we imagined. As we lead up to the Copenhagen Climate Summit, a new global consensus is emerging that problems like population, global health, poverty, urbanization, climate change and environmental decline are not separate issues, but symptoms of one giant planetary challenge. The answer to that challenge must be a new kind of prosperity, one that allows billions of people to achieve a better life without destroying the planet.”

The first night’s talk is entitled “A New Global Future,” where Alex will talk about propelling out region into a Bright Green Future. The second night, “Seattle’s Bright Green Moment,” will take a look at best practices from around the world, and the obstacles that face Seattle.

Alex is a good friend of Sightline and the speech promises to be a good one. Plus, Sightline will be there tabling. It’s only $5 per night, so stop by and say hi to Sightline and enjoy a great discussion of Seattle’s sustainability movement.

More information at Seattle Town Hall’s calendar, or by tickets for 11/11 and 11/12.