equinox logoIn case some of our readers have an interest in the San Diego region, here’s a plug for Equinox Center, a sustainability think-tank for that part of Southern California. Equinox is the brainchild of Aaron Contorer, an erstwhile northwesterner and former Sightline board member.

Equinox just released the first-ever version of their Regional Quality of Life Dashboard—a sort of Cascadia Scorecard for the less sun-deprived. In other words, it’s an indicators project tracking sustainability trends in San Diego. Here’s the down-low:

The San Diego Regional Quality of Life Dashboard was initiated in 2009 by the Equinox Center. Equinox created the Dashboard to shine a spotlight on the questions that truly matter to San Diegans: Are we leaving our children a heritage of thriving, rejuvenating nature? Will our businesses have access to resources such as energy and water so they can provide economic opportunities to all of the region’s inhabitants? Do we have efficient and adequate transportation options? Simply, is our quality of life improving?

Good stuff. Here’s hoping that San Diego policymakers and leaders take a close look.