The database of the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission has all sorts of exciting tidbits about this year’s election.  Like the following table, listing the total donations for Initiative 1107, which would repeal the state’s modest taxes on soda, candy, gum, and bottled water.

table - I-1107 donations

That’s the whole shebang.  Most big initiative campaigns get contributions from dozens or even hundreds of small contributors.  But the PDC lists a total of 11 Washington donors, both individuals and corporations, who have given a total of $385 to the I-1107 campaign. 

And then there’s the American Beverage Association, headquartered in Washington DC, which has reported $16.5 million in donations.  So far.

By my count, for every dollar given by an actual Washington business or resident to the campaign, the American Beverage Association has given $42,860.  So if the state loses that source of revenue, and junk food and unhealthful empty calories get even cheaper than they already are, then we’ll know whom to thank, won’t we?