Back in October, we spent some time highlighting tax loopholes in Washington that result in billions of dollars of lost revenue each year. We even set up a Twitter feed to call attention to some of the more ridiculous giveaways, like $11 million for private airplane owners or $16 million for international investment managers.

Thanks to Tim Eyman’s I-1053, tax loopholes have basically been enshrined in law since erasing them can be viewed as a tax increase, and therefore subject to a near-impossible two-thirds majority vote.

Now, Fuse Washington has a new website—called Living Greedy—taking aim at loopholes in the state’s tax code. It’s a spoof on coupon sites like, and compares the revenue lost to loopholes to some of the programs that are on the chopping block in the budget—like giving millions away to out-of-state shoppers or saving kindergarten for thousands of kids.

It’s a quirky take on where our priorities lie as a state, and highlights the sacrifices we’re making to preserve some handouts that may deserve some scrutiny. Check it out.