On Monday the world population hit 7 billion, a staggering number. As population increases, the impact on the Earth’s resources is put under strain. Tomorrow night (November 3), at Seattle’s Town Hall, come see speakers talk about their vision for 2050. Here’s the blurb:

Vision 2050 is a landmark study commissioned by the World Business Center for Sustainable Development. Funded by 40 of the world’s leading corporations, including Weyerhaeuser and Boeing, its goal is to develop a portrait of global sustainability by the year 2050, and to describe the pathways to achieve it in all major areas, including agriculture, biodiversity, climate change, energy, health care, and transportation. John S. Adams, director of The Arbor Group, will moderate a discussion by speakers including Robert Horn of Stanford University and Gifford Pinchot, co-founder of the Bainbridge Graduate Institute. Hosted by Bainbridge Graduate Institute with The Arbor Group-UBS Financial Services Inc.

Tickets are $7-$10, available at Brown Paper Tickets.

November 2, 2011