We don’t pat ourselves on the back too often, but the truth is we’re proud of the work we do. We think Sightline’s research, analysis, news, and communication tools serve as indispensible resources for anyone interested in addressing some of our region’s thorniest sustainability issues.

But as a fact-based organization, we don’t expect you to just take our word for it. Here’s some empirical evidence—from ten of our supporters—showing what makes Sightline great:


1. We connect the dots

“Sightline introduced me to the concept of a sustainable society and continues to help me understand the links between the choices we make today and world my grandchildren will see.”

—Allen Puckett, Sightline donor

2. We highlight the big issues

“Sightline is one of my most important news sources for well-balanced reporting on a variety of topics such as climate change, energy, the environment, alternative transportation, politics, health, jobs, economy, and sustainable living.”

—Susan, Sightline subscriber

3. And help you talk about them

“Sightline’s research helps me explain complex environmental issues in ways that lay people can understand. It is the most useful tool I have for teaching faith-based environmental advocacy!”

—Jessie Dye, Earth Ministry

4. We encourage sharing

“Sightline is often my way of promoting the forward thinking and sustainable culture that is being nurtured in the Pacific Northwest, and hoping to spread that ethic around the nation.”

—Emily Slotnick, Sightline subscriber

5. We believe solutions are possible

“Sightline’s work reminds me that even our most complex challenges can be put in simple, engaging terms that invite solutions.”

—Edward Wolfe, Sightline reader

6. We have a long-range vision

“I value the unique combination of a vision—sustainability—and an ethic—intellectual and analytical rigor—that Sightline brings to their work and to the issues I work on.”

—Jabe Blumenthal, Sightline donor

7. We see the Northwest as a model of sustainability.

“I value Sightline’s work because of their regional focus on issues critical to my child’s future. Water health; resource use; the small acts of daily life that influence the big picture: the breadth of Sightline’s work keeps me engaged and helps me feel more hopeful.”

— Holly McGuire, Sightline subscriber

8. We get the facts right (and that’s something rare today)

“I have been working in the sustainable development field for over twenty years.  Sightline has made significant contributions to the field by filling a crucial niche in establishing quantifiable benchmarks for sustainability trends in the Northwest. These are vital to developing sound policies and strategies.”

—Cylvia Hayes, West Coast Clean Energy Collaborative

9. We keep you informed

“If you believe in your responsibility to your own neighborhood and its livability for you and your kids then Sightline does your research.”

—Alan Scholz, Sightline donor

10. We’re here for YOU

“Sightline’s research helps me understand huge issues like climate change from a focused, local perspective. It makes it much easier to understand what me and my neighbors can do to affect this global issue. I have been relying on Sightline for over 15 years to keep me informed and inspired.”

—Debra Morrison, Sightline donor

Still not convinced?

Then check out our series on outdated regulations in Making Sustainability Legal, read our newest primer on ocean acidification in the Northwest, or check out Eric de Place’s work on debunking coal export myths. Or pick at random one of the 3,000+ blog posts, reports, or charts Sightline has created since 2004 (and many more before that).

What Sightline does is unique; we offer our work to you because it takes the combined knowledge and effort of us all to create change.

We are able to do this work because of the support of our community. We’re a nonprofit organization, and although we offer these tools and resources free-of-charge, we still need to keep the lights on and the systems running. So, if you found yourself agreeing with even one of the ten awesome things about Sightline mentioned above, please support us with a financial contribution today.

We can’t do this without you!

November 14, 2011